Twee jaar High Vibeology - High Vibeology

Two years of High Vibeology

This month it's High Vibeology's second birthday and that's a great opportunity for a personal introduction! Read along about the roots and mission of High Vibeology, what has been created so far and the vision for the future.

The roots of High Vibeology

For those who don't know me yet: I am Erika Broz, the founder and CEO of High Vibeology from Amsterdam.
Health and wellness are my great passion and nutrition plays a special role in it.
I am also very interested in mindset and the influence that our thoughts and emotions have on our lives.
I believe that each of us has come here to live his or her best life and that we have infinite potential.

The combination of wellness and design has always interested me.
After graduating from the art academy I had my own design studio for several years. Prior to that I run my own Martial Arts school with classes in Taekwondo, Aikido, Tai Chi etc. and a health food cafe, both on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. In 2007 I obtained my 1st Dan black belt in Taekwondo.

Nowadays, in addition to my High Vibeology activities, I am a holistic lifestyle coach and herbalist in training.

How I discovered adaptogens

As a child and as a teenager I used to have chronic eczema and I was allergic to pretty much everything.
I would only spend five minutes at a friend's house who had dogs or cats and it would give me strong allergy reactions.
In my teenage years, my face was often covered with eczema. I went to so many doctors, did all kinds of allergy tests and was prescribed different kinds of hormone ointments and pills, but nothing really helped.
The doctors said I had to learn to live with it, but I had a different vision of my future.
I can still remember the sadness and anger when I had to cancel my plans as a teenager because I had a red and swollen face that was also very painful.
Despite of all the desperation I felt that this would eventually pass.

My mother has always been very interested in holistic health and that is how I ended up at a doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine 23 years ago. I was treated with acupuncture, had to change my entire diet and got herbs especially formulated for me, including adaptogens.

It was also during that time that I first became aware of how everything affects our well-being. Besides food, also body care products, our thoughts, emotions, the level of exercise, the people we surround ourselves with, the information we take in, in short everything we feed our body and mind with.
This was the beginning of a huge personal transformation.

After a while all the eczema symptoms disappeared and afterwards most of the allergies as well. I got my health and sense of freedom back and felt like myself again.
If my skin suddenly reacted sensitively, I now understood what had caused it.

It was a process of trial and error, but also the beginning of a life mission to live a life that's as healthy, beautiful, authentic, loving, powerful, free and abundant as possible and later to guide others through their process.

The origin of High Vibeology

My vision has been to make people aware of how by using plants as part of a holistic lifestyle, they can return to their natural state of balance and feel physically and mentally in their optimal strength.
The difference between feeling OK most of the time and living your true potential is huge and affects every aspect of your life.

I came up with the idea to create natural supplements in powder form made of high quality organic ingredients that people could integrate into their food and drinks.
Natural supplements to enrich what you eat, not just another pill that you wash down with some water mindlessly, but to inspire people to connect more deeply with their food again.
There are definitely high quality supplements, but it's a small minority of what is on the market.
Some people swallow away, without proper knowledge of the ingredients, what fillers and other ingredients do to our body or even whether our body can absorb the nutrients.
The right supplements can do a lot for you, that's why it's important to know which ones to take.

The products I was to develop would be 100% natural, using only the goodness from nature.
Instead of adding sweeteners or flavorings to the sometimes bitter herbs, I decided to keep it pure. With the possibility for everyone to give it their own taste by using their creativity.

I thought about what people would need most and initially put together three formulas: I am calm, I am energized and I am focused.

I launched High Vibeology in December of 2019.
It was a very intuitive process without strategy or market research. I felt strongly that I should do this.

High Vibeology adaptogenen Amsterdam

Hardly anyone here had heard of adaptogens back then. You could buy some herbs and mushrooms as sole ingredient, but I was the first to make adaptogenic blends of different ingredients in the Netherlands.
In herbal medicine, herbs are traditionally combined to enhance each other's effects and create a very potent formula.

Besides formulating the blends, I did all the design such as the packaging and the photography so that High Vibeology became something very mine.
I still love creating all this, but what I love most is interacting with people and seeing what a difference the herbs make in their lives.
It makes me so happy to hear that people experience more balance, are more resilient in the midst of all the turbulence, are more energetic, sleep better, think more clearly, have a stronger immune system, feel better emotionally and see their skin becoming more beautiful every day.

The energy of High Vibeology

The name High Vibeology stands for the science or study of high frequency.

The symbol that you see on every product is the sacred geometry of Metatron's Cube. It represents the blueprint of the universe and the energy flow that connects the physical with the spiritual.
In addition, it contains the five Platonic solids which represent the elements earth, fire, water, air and ether.
High Vibeology adaptogenenEvery blend has its specific element highlighted on the label which enhances the properties of the herbs.

I am calm: water and emotion
I am energized: earth and the physical
I am focused: fire and the mental
I am glowing: air and the connection between the spiritual and the physical

The products all have an affirmation as their name. Every time you see the jar you are reminded of your own creation power. You can read more here about affirmations.

Present and future

There has been a lot of interest in adaptogens in the past year and a half, partly due to the times in which we live, resulting in more attention for stress and awareness of the importance of a strong immune system.
It is a gift that we have these plants at our disposal.
Some have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and as part of many native cultures. Their immense value is also increasingly confirmed by modern science.

In the Netherlands, adaptogens are still a fairly new concept, but that is slowly changing.

As far as High Vibeology is concerned, great things are coming, which I will share more about next year. Both the development of new products and programs that I am very excited about!


The fascination and the respect I have for the plant world is immense and I feel truly grateful to be able to do what I do.

My greatest wish is that we all remember how powerful, beautiful, loving and creative we are. And that we let go of all the limitations and beliefs that we have ever internalized to fully step into our greatness.

Thank you for being part of the High Vibeology community. For your trust and for your commitment to taking your wellbeing to the highest possible potential.

Much love,