High Vibeology adaptogenen founder Erika Broz


I am Erika and I've created High Vibeology in 2019 with a lot of love: an Amsterdam-based holistic wellness brand with medicinal mushroom and adaptogenic herbal blends.

I am very passionate about everything related to wellness and I strongly believe in the power of nature.

25 years ago I went to a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine because I had chronic eczema and allergies since my birth.
I had tried so many things without result.
Prior to that doctors gave me hormone creams and said I had to learn to live with it, but I knew I could heal.
The combination of changes in my diet and lifestyle, herbal medicine including adaptogens and acupuncture, eventually made all symptoms disappear.

I became aware of the different elements that have an impact on our well-being; from our food, cosmetics, our thoughts, emotions, habits, surroundings and everything we connect with.

Holistisch coach Erika Broz heeft de adaptogenen brand High Vibeology opgericht


I strongly believe in the mind-body connection and approach all aspects from a holistic perspective.

As a holistic wellness coach and herbalist I help people create inner calmness, a healthy sleep cycle, vitality and resilience to stress so that they can feel their best.

I focus in particular on balancing the nervous system, hormones and the gut-brain connection with nutrition, herbal medicine and powerful lifestyle habits.

Do you want to know more about what I can do for you? Take a look here.

Great to have you and I hope that you will find lots of inspiration here!