Adaptogenic hot chocolate by High Vibeology

New product: adaptogenic hot chocolate

Adaptogenic hot chocolate is a rich, delicious blend of raw Criollo cacao infused with adaptogenic herbs: Triphala, yellow, red and black Maca, Astragalus root and Lucuma.   

The focus point while creating this formula was how to optimize your health during winter.  
A time when our mental and physical energy levels require a different approach than in warmer seasons. 
We spend more time inside, lack exposure to sunlight, many of us consume more unhealthy holiday foods and alcohol, colds and the flu are more common.
Besides the fun, social vibe of December there is often a lot of stress tied to this period as well; many events to attend, holiday preparations, family dynamics, finishing up the year at work or in your business and reflecting on your life.

And then when the year is over and we start a new cycle with a fresh blank canvas, January invokes a deep desire to begin this new year in a powerful way.
To prioritize our health and really commit to our wellness goals, to create more space for self-care and a life that we truly love.

Gut health is a major focus point in my work as a holistic wellness coach as well as in my own life.
Our gut is known as our second brain and what we eat has a profound impact on our mood, mental health, cognitive functions, hormones, nervous system etc.
And it works both ways through the gut-brain axis; our mental state also affects our gut.

I wanted to combine all these elements and fuse them into a mini ritual to help you wind down, recharge and spoil yourself, while elevating your mental and physical wellbeing.
This resulted in adaptogenic hot chocolate, a rich, heart-opening blend of raw cacao infused with 7 adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogenic hot chocolate made with 7 medicinal herbs

New product: adaptogenic hot chocolate

Beyond its wellness properties, creating something delicious was essential.
I wanted it to be decadently, creamy, rich chocolate. With the medicinal benefits of herbs but without tasting like it. This is why it’s made with high quality organic raw cacao. More about that below.

All you need to prepare a nourishing drink for yourself is to add warm (plant-based) milk to it such as almond or coconut (my favorite is a combination of both) and some natural sweetener like honey.

You can also use the adaptogenic hot chocolate to make desserts and in your baking recipes. Or add it to your breakfast or pre-workout meal such as oatmeal, yogurt or pancakes.

If you've been using the I am glowing, combining the two to make hot chocolate is amazing. The mushrooms in the I am glowing pair very well with cacao; some people even find the taste to resemble cacao a bit.

Try this recipe for adaptogenic hot chocolate for your skin and immune system. Just replace the cacao in the recipe with the adaptogenic hot chocolate blend.

So what's in it and what does it do for you?

Adaptogenic hot chocolate 

Raw cacao, Triphala (Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki), yellow, red and black Maca, Astragalus root and Lucuma.

All of the ingredients are from organic agriculture and the blend is 100% natural without any additions.

The potency of these herbs and the synergy in which they work together is so powerful.
Some of their main properties are to support your:

* Gut-health, digestion and detoxification

* Immune system

* Cellular health and rejuvenation

* Hormone Balance

* Mental clarity and mood

* Longevity

* Female and male reproductive health

* Energy levels

Let’s take a look at each ingredient:

Raw cacao

Raw cacao is a rich source of antioxidants, minerals such as magnesium and iron and vitamins.
It is a highly nutritious medicinal plant which has a profound effect on the many levels of our being.

Criollo cacao is the rarest and most exquisite of all cacao variaties, accounting less than 3% of the global cacao production due to its difficulty to cultivate.
It is believed to be the first original cacao bean used in ancient cultures such as the Aztecs, Maya and Incas.
Cacao was a sacred medicinal food for them. They were very aware of how valuable and healing this Food of the Gods was.
It was highly respected for both its spiritual and physical healing purposes.

The increasingly popular modern day's revival of traditional cacao ceremonies focuses on opening the heart and deepening the connection with our intuition, the divine and the world around us.  

Only in recent modern history has chocolate become mainly something to satisfy our sweet tooth, with the addition of a lot of sugar and other not so healthy ingredients.

Raw cacao, the original cacao, is different.
Due to its cold-pressed process method of unroasted cacao beans, it is able to preserve its valuable nutrients.

Regular cocoa (note that only raw cacao can be called cacao, the other type is named cocoa) is processed in a way that it loses between 60-90% of its antioxidants and other nutrients, whereas raw cacao is able to preserve them.
The reason why cocoa started to be processed was to minimize the naturally bitter taste of cacao and to make a cheaper product.
It became mass-produced and more widely available to people. Unfortunately this also stripped away its medicinal properties.

Raw cacao is as good as it gets, it contains:


Raw cacao contains over 40x the amount of antioxidants in blueberries with an ORAC score of 98,000 / 100 grams.
ORAC measures the antioxidants’ ability to absorb free radicals.

The antioxidants in raw cacao are a powerful ingredient that helps protect your cells from the harmful effect of free radicals, supporting longevity and slowing down aging.

Chemicals for happy hormones

Raw cacao contains the chemicals for and stimulates the production of neurotransmitters and happy hormones such as serotonin.
Happy hormones help us feel happy, grateful and fulfilled.

Chocolate really does make us feel happy - you just need to consume the pure one, because most chocolate products on the market contain very little of these ingredients.

Read more about how to optimize your happy hormones.

Rich in magnesium

Raw cacao is a great source of magnesium, a very important mineral that helps us relax, focus, sleep well, feel energized and is involved in many essential body functions.

Rich in iron

Raw cacao is the richest source of plant-based iron with around 13.86 mg per 100 grams. As a comparison, spinach contains 3,6 mg per 100 grams.

More about raw cacao

Adaptogenic hot chocolate made with raw cacao


One of the most used herbal formula in Ayurveda that has been around for over 1000 years.
Its name means three fruits in Sanskrit and it contains Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki.

Amalaki, also known as Amla or Indian Gooseberry, contains 600-700 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams which makes it one of the richest sources of all natural foods.
As a comparison: oranges contain about 30 mg per 100 grams.

It contains antioxidants such as flavonoids, polyphenols and tannins which help protect cells from oxidative damage.
Amalaki is used to support immune function and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is rich in fibre which supports digestion, balances blood sugar levels in the body and supports a healthy liver function.
With its high content of vitamin C, this adaptogen helps with the absorption of minerals such as the iron in cacao.

Triphala is a rasayana, a rejuvenating herb with the qualities of supporting strength and immunity.
It is considered balancing for all 3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Triphala is used for many applications such as gut health, maintenance of homeostasis, prevention and reversion of DNA damage, immunity, eye health, stress regulation, wound healing and strengthening of the endocrine system. 

More scientific research on Triphala in this article.


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) grows in the Andes mountains in Peru at an altitude of 4000 meters where it has been cultivated for 2000 years.

It is known for its high nutritional value. As a complete protein it contains all 9 essential amino acids and a total of 19 amino acids, 20 different fatty acids, 4 types of alkaloids, vitamins such as C, E, B1 and B2. It is also rich in calcium.

Most of the Maca that you find on the market is yellow Maca.

High Vibeology uses a premium Maca which is a combination of yellow, red and black Maca.

Yellow Maca: helps increase resilience to stress and to balance your hormones.
It has a positive effect on your mood, increases energy levels and stamina and optimizes mental clarity.   

Red Maca: this Maca makes up about a quarter of the total Maca harvest.
It has a calming and balancing effect and supports healthy, strong bones.
Red Maca is used to support female reproductive health and libido.

It also has a positive effect on the prostate.      

Black Maca: the rarest of all Maca varieties, it makes up only 10-15% of the total Maca harvest.

On a physical level it is strengthening and revitalizing, as it provides energy and increases physical performance.
On a mental level it supports cognitive functions such as mental clarity and concentration.
It has been shown to be the most effective of all Maca variaties for optimizing memory and learning skills.

Black Maca supports male reproductive health and libido.

More about scientific research on Maca here.

Besides being an ingredient in the adaptogenic hot chocolate, all three Maca types are part of the I am focused and the I am energized blends.


Astragalus membranaceous is a medicinal plant native to China and is very important in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is used to strengthen the 𝘊𝘩𝘪, our life force and helps increase our energy levels, endurance, vitality and immune system.  

Astragalus contributes to the protection of cells, tissues, organs and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Flavonoids and antioxidants give it anti-aging properties.

As an adaptogen, it helps to regulate the body's stress responses and increases resilience to stress.  

It can also positively impact sensitivity to various allergies and hay fever.


Known as Gold of the Incas, Lucuma is a fruit from the Andes lowlands of Peru, Ecuador and Chile. It is used as a low glycemic natural sweetener.

It is rich in antioxidants, supports heart health and contains fiber which supports gut health. 

Curious to try the new adaptogenic hot chocolate? You can get it here.