Hoe gebruik je adaptogenen in drankjes? Je kunt de poeders oplossen in warme en koude recepten.

How do you use adaptogens in drinks?

When you think of supplements, it is often a tablet or capsule that you take with some water. With certain nutrients, such a capsule is indeed necessary, because they wouldn't be properly absorbed by your body in loose form. This is not the case with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, these are best taken pure.
The High Vibeology blends have been created so that you can add them pure to your food and drinks. Adaptogenic drinks call for a specific preparation. 

All High Vibeology products are made from 100% natural, high quality ingredients from organic agriculture.
They contain no fillers, anti-caking agents, stabilizers, binding agents, flavors, preservatives or other additives.
This has been a conscious decision to support you in the best possible way in optimal well-being for your body and mind.

Because these are very pure ingredients in powder form, they dissolve in a more natural way. If you are new to using these products, your first drink may be a bit powdery or form clumps. Once you know how to prepare your drink however, it's super simple.


How do you use adaptogens in drinks?

* Put the powder in your mug first and then add the liquid while stirring. 

* Use warm liquid such as water, (plant-based) milk, golden milk, hot chocolate, moon milk or tea. 

* The powder dissolves well in frothed (plant-based) milk. This has to do with the combination of the fats and the consistency. 

* If you don't prepare your drink with milk, a whisk or milk frother will still help to mix everything well. 

* If you want to add a blend to your smoothie, first mix all the ingredients in your blender and then add the powder. Then blend again so that everything is properly mixed.

* The mushroom powders dissolve more easily in warm water than herbs such as Tulsi and Brahmi that are in the white blends

* Stir your drink before taking a sip so that all the powder that's at the bottom of your mug comes up. 

* You make an elixir by bringing the I am glowing blend to a boil in a pot with water and then simmer it for 30-60 minutes on low heat. Use a simmering plate and do not let it boil. Stir regularly.

Adaptogenen in drankjes en poeder oplossen

Recipes for the tastiest adaptogenic drinks:

Butterfly pea lavender moon milk
Hot adaptogenic chocolate 

Rose vanilla moon milk

Adaptogenic iced latte