I am focused & I am energized: amazing!

Jennifer on December 16th 2020

A year ago I got to know these beautiful products and the incredibly sweet and passionate Erika.

Already somewhat familiar with adaptogens, but these power blends, wow!!

What an amazing effect I have experienced. A few of my very bothersome complaints from Lyme disease are brainfog, fatigue, low energy, this blend (and the I am energized) often helps me on days when I suffer from it often so well that I can still get something productive out of such a day. Which is a huge win for me. Now after another year of hard work and almost daily use of the blends, I can say that I have no or much less complaints and these blends have probably made a huge contribution to that. I still use the blends, and they are completely included in my routines for the daily high vibes✨

Absolutely recommended!
High Vibes, Big Love!

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