I am focused & I am energized

Lilian on February 1st 2021

With the I AM FOCUSED and the I AM ENERGIZED I feel more alert and cheerful in a pleasant, happy way. Without the palpitations I get from coffee and no dip afterwards.

The I AM FOCUSED helps me to concentrate better during work. I am seriously able to get my words out better during brain fog after taking the I AM FOCUSED blend.

I take the I AM ENERGIZED blend on days when I feel tired in the morning or beginning of the afternoon and it gives me a balanced boost when I have a lot to do and feel a little heavy in my body. I am more energized afterwards and feel more 'present'.

I am very happy that all High Vibeology products are also very nutritious. I notice the effect of the blends quite quickly after taking it. Nice that you can dose yourself.

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