I am focused: very nice product

Tom on November 15th 2020

I use the I am focused adaptogens a few days a week when I can use some extra focus.

I started with a quarter teaspoon, this was not noticeable enough for me. I now take half a teaspoon, this works better.
It has a noticeable positive subtle effect on my level of concentration.

I find mixing the powder into beverages a bit more challenging.
Today I got the idea to put it in the milk frother with oat milk. With positive results. The powder gets completely absorbed into the frothy milk. With a teaspoon of pure cacao and a pinch of cinnamon, I even like it very much. It masks the bitter effect.

I have just ordered the "i am calm" and "i am energized" to try.
I have a good feeling that it will support me in the process of preventing a complete burnout.

I also think the website is put together very nicely and extra points for the handwritten card with additional tips.

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