I am focused: highly recommended!

Iris on October 25th 2020

I have been using the I am focused blend from High Vibeology for almost a year now and I am very happy with it. I am still a student myself and use it often when I have a full study day.
it helps me a lot to focus in a very special way. I can read and write for hours without being distracted. In addition, it also gives me a long-lasting energy boost, just like a coffee, but it works for longer and in a more stable way.

This combination is perfect for when I need to focus, because it provides both the energy needed to get through the study content and I also notice very clearly that I have a lot of focus so that I can easily make connections and it helps me to quickly understand things.

Half a teaspoon a day is enough for me because it is very powerful. But this is of course something you can experiment with yourself. Really recommended!

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