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Sweet potato mushroom soup

Most of us use adaptogens mainly in sweet recipes.

But you can do so much more with them, including preparing 
savory dishes
This rich, immune-boosting sweet potato mushroom soup, for example. 
Autumn is here and during the coming cold months we will eat more filling, warming dishes.
This season also calls for taking extra good care of your immune system and ingredients such as garlic, curcuma root and sweet potatoes are ideal for this.
The adaptogenic blend that completes this soup is the 
I am glowing blend of 7 mushrooms. Each of these mushrooms has a special effect on both your skin and your immune system.

This blend is most the suitable for cooking because the mushrooms need heat  so that our body can absorb the nutrients properly.

This has to do with the strong cell walls of the mushrooms, which largely protect the active substances. These are released with the help of higher temperatures. In this article you can read how it works.

The I am glowing gives your food a subtle rich taste, you can use it instead of stock or combine it with it.
This delicious healthy soup is very simple to make and you can easily make into two slightly different recipes for more variety.


Sweet potato mushroom soup

How to prepare it:
3 sweet potatoes
piece of fresh curcuma root or ground curcuma
garlic to taste
ground pepper
Himalayan salt
I am glowing adaptogens
fresh parsley 

Cut the sweet potato into cubes and boil them in a pan with water, a few cloves of garlic, fresh curcuma root, ground pepper and salt.

Add a tablespoon of I am glowing adaptogens instead of or combined with stock.
A teaspoon of coconut oil helps with the absorption of the properties of the curcuma and the adaptogens.

Cook the soup in a covered pot until the sweet potato is completely soft.
Are you a garlic fan or do you want to give your immune system an extra boost? Then press in some garlic before serving.
If you like a richly filled, chunky soup, your soup is ready ready. Garnish it with fresh parsley or chives.
You can also use your hand mixer or blender to make a creamy soup, with some coconut milk in it for a slightly different recipe.
Tip: make an extra large pot of soup, divide it into the two recipes towards the end and freeze some of it. This way you'll have more variety with minimal extra work and you save time.