Vegan panna cotta met adaptogenen

Vegan panna cotta with adaptogens

Panna cotta is traditionally prepared with cream and gelatin, but not everyone eats animal products. This recipe is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and makes a delicious, light dessert that is also very healthy.
Instead of cream I use coconut milk and I replace the gelatin with Agar Agar (in Japan where it was discovered, 
it is also known as Kanten).
It is made from red algae, a  seaweed species with strong thickening and gelling properties.
Agar Agar is used in different parts of Asia to prepare desserts and other dishes.

Vegan panna cotta with adaptogens

This is what you need:

Chocolate flavor

Coconut milk
Agar Agar
Cacao powder
Bourbon Vanilla extract
Pinch of Himalayan salt
Maple syrup
Your choice of adaptogens
In the evening the I am calm blend is very nice. 
During the day you can also use the I am focused blend.

Or try the new nutricosmetics beauty & longevity blend for your skin and immune system: I am glowing.

Strawberry flavor

Coconut milk
Agar Agar
Juice of fresh strawberries
Bourbon vanilla extract
Pinch of Himalayan salt 
Maple syrup
Your choice of adaptogens

Agar agar
Agar agar is usually sold as powder, flakes or strings.
It has an off-white color and once it is dissolved, it is transparent.
This makes it very suitable to make transparent desserts that by using for example water or coconut water. 
Some Agar Agar products contain dyes to add color. It is best to avoid these. Buy the natural version and if you want color you can create it yourself with natural ingredients.

Use about 1 teaspoon of Agar Agar powder for 500 ml of liquid.


Add the Agar Agar to the cold coconut milk and stir well so that all the powder dissolves. Bring the coconut milk to the boil with a pinch of salt  while stirring.
Let it then simmer for another 2-3 minutes. 

For the chocolate panna cotta: 
Add 1 teaspoon of adaptogens and stir well.
Carefully add the cacao powder using a sieve to prevent it from clumping. 
Depending on how rich you want the flavor to be, you can 
use 2-4 tablespoons of cacao powder.

After turning off the heat, add the maple syrup and vanilla extract. 
You can also use alcohol-free extract if you want (or make it yourself) based on vegetable glycerine.

For the strawberry panna cotta:
Follow the same steps as above except for the cacao part. Instead, blend some fresh strawberries in the blender.
You can either use the juice by straining the puree or use all of it if you like pieces of fruit in it.

Pour the mixture into a silicone mold and put it 
in the fridge to set.
After 4 hours, it reaches the best consistency.

I made this panna cotta in the shape of one of the 5 platonic solids from 
Sacred geometry: the Icosahedron  which represents the element water and emotion.
It enhances the free flow of emotions and stimulates healing and emotional balance.

You can also see the Icosahedron in 2D form on the label of the I am calm blend.

If you want, you can serve the vegan panna cotta with adaptogens topped with fresh strawberries, a chocolate sauce or slices of mango.