Reishi: medicinale paddenstoel en krachtig adaptogeen

Reishi: medicinal mushroom and powerful adaptogen

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a medicinal mushroom and adaptogen that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support the immune system, the nervous system and mental clarity.

Reishi increases resistance to stress, promotes a healthy sleep cycle and helps the body to stay in a state of homeostasis.

As an adaptogen, it helps to balance the body's stress responses and regulates the functioning of the neuroendocrine system and the immune system.
Reishi adapts to your unique situation and needs and has a calming effect.

Reishi is also the only known source of a specific group of triterpenes that have a similar molecular structure to steroid hormones.
They have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties.

Reishi medicinal mushroom and adaptogen for the skin

In addition to its powerful effect on your immune system and mental and emotional well-being, Reishi is also very good for your skin.

It contains antioxidants that stimulate the skin's natural renewal process and help protect against premature skin aging and UV radiation. 

The beta-glucans in Reishi draw moisture to the skin, help restore moisture loss and hydrate the skin.

Reishi has anti-inflammatory properties and contains anti-irritants that soothe the skin and reduce redness.

This adaptogenic mushroom also helps to restore and strengthen the ceramides in the skin's moisture barrier. Ceramides form the protective layer of the skin, which helps to keep moisture locked in.

Reishi also slows down the formation of the melanin-producing enzyme tyrosinase, which causes skin pigmentation.

Reishi is een medicinale paddenstoel en krachtig adaptogeen voor je immuunsysteem en huid

How do you use Reishi mushroom?

You can add Reishi in powder form or as a liquid extract to various foods and drinks, both sweet and savory. For example in a latte, stir-fry dish, oatmeal, soup, yogurt, in baking recipes, smoothies, etc.
Combining it with healthy fats such as coconut products, (plant-based) dairy, olive oil, nuts or avocado helps with the absorption of the components.

Mushrooms consist of so-called Chitin cell walls that protect their healthy components.
Heat is needed to optimally release these active substances and allow them to be absorbed well by your body.

You can also make tea or an elixir from the powder by heating it in a pot with water. You can then store the liquid for a few days and add it to your food or drink warmed or cold.

You can also add the powder as it is to a warm drink.

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