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Medjool dates in chocolate

Medjool dates are pure pleasure: their rich sweet taste and soft texture has earned them the name queen of dates. And with a layer of crunchy dark chocolate, they are a real delicacy.

Medjool dates have been cultivated for over 6000 years in the Middle East and in North African countries such as Morocco.
They are bigger than other dates, more tender and have a fuller taste. Some dates can be dry, but Medjool dates are very soft and juicy. They taste a bit like natural caramel with a hint of warm spice such as cinnamon.

The combination with chocolate makes Medjool dates irresistibly delicious and because they are so sweet on their own, you can use very dark chocolate of 85% or even 95%. The flavors mix together, making the dark chocolate taste much milder and the combination of the crunchy outside and soft inside is delicious.

Since we can all use some extra support for our well-being in this busy December month and during these challenging times, you can make a real functional food  treat with the simple addition of adaptogens.
Completely customized to what you and the people you share this treat with can use best, for example more energy, inner peace or mental clarity.
Perhaps you have had a stressful period and your nerves and hormones are out of balance. Adaptogens can bring you back into balance in a very gentle, natural way so that you feel optimal and this is also reflects in your skin and hair.

A little extra festive glow from the inside!

Medjool dates with chocolate

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Medjool dates in chocolate

500 gram pitted Medjool dates
150 gram pure chocolate
1 teaspoon adaptogens such as I am glowing

Melt the chocolate Au Bain MariePut a pan  on low heat with water up to half of the outside of the bowl with chocolate in it.
The smaller the chocolate chunks, the faster it will melt.

Do not let the water boil, but heat it gently so that the chocolate melts slowly while you stir. 
Mix in the adaptogens and stir well.

Let the chocolate sauce cool for a while and dip the dates in it one at a time.
Place them on a baking rack with enough distance between the dates and put it in the fridge to solidify.

Serve the dates with beautiful colorful flowers.