Marokkaanse natural beauty producten

Moroccan beauty products: 20 natural gems

Last week I returned from a trip to Morocco: an intensely rich experience that stimulates all senses, exploring Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, all the way to the Sahara desert.

Besides the beauty of the country, the people and the culture, Morocco has an impressive tradition of natural beauty products and rituals.
As someone who has been a big fan of natural beauty for many years, I am in love with these wonderful creations of nature.
Some of them are uniquely Moroccan because the plants or materials they are made from are only found there.

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten voor huid, haar en nagels

My skin has always been very sensitive with frequent outbreaks of eczema throughout my childhood and teenage years. Because of this I have been very aware from a young age what I can use on my skin and what not.
Ultimately, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes helped me heal eczema naturally.
Enriched with the knowledge and wisdom from these experiences, I created High Vibeology three years ago, so that I can support others in raising the quality of their lives with the beautiful power of nature and that of ourself.

Over the years I have developed a great passion for natural beauty and I find it fascinating to learn all about it.
My own collection of natural beauty products is constantly growing and I really enjoy taking good care of myself. Not only with high quality products but also with regular beauty treatments such as visits to the sauna and facials.


Mijn favoriete Marokkaanse beauty producten geselecteerd

Moroccan natural beauty products

Four years ago I visited Morocco for the first time and I came home with beauty classics such as Argan oil, Ghassoul clay, Sabon Beldi, rose oil, Henna, prickly pear oil and Aker Fassi.
This time my love for Moroccan skin and hair products had only grown deeper and I discovered new things.
In Marrakech I met inspiring herbalists who prepare the majority of the assortment of their stores themselves. The Argan oil I bought there was made right in front of me, very special to see and to know that you are buying a 100% pure product.

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten voor huid, haar en nagels

In this article I share everything about my Moroccan natural beauty favorites and if you feel like trying out something, you really don't have to roam the shouks of Marrakech for it, you can buy most products here in the Netherlands or order them online.


A typical Moroccan beauty ritual is the weekly visit to the hammam.
This is a traditional bathhouse where you wash, scrub and nourish your skin while you relax.
You can do the scrubbing yourself or pay a hammam employee to do it for you, which is what I did.
First you let the warm steam do its work so that your pores open up, then you are washed with sabon beldi, black soap made from olives.
After that you are rinsed off and your whole body is thoroughly scrubbed with a Kessa Hammam scrub glove.
It can get a bit rough at times, so you have to tell them if it's too much for you.
This scrub known in Morocco as Gommage removes the dead skin cells and stimulates your blood circulation. Your skin will be super soft afterwards!
Finally you wash yourself with regular soap and your hair with shampoo.
If you want you can do a face mask and relax in the warmth.
After the hammam it's nice to use a rich oil on your body.

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten voor huid, haar en nagels

Curious about the natural beauty gems from Morocco? Here are 20 of my personal favorites:

Argan oil

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: argan olie

Argan oil is made from the kernels of the Argan tree nuts, one of the oldest trees in the world native to southern Morocco. It is a very nourishing, protective, moisturizing and restorative oil rich in important nutrients such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and ferulic acid.
The oil is rightfully known as liquid gold.

There are two types of Argan oil: cosmetic and culinary Argan oil.
The latter is made from Argan kernels that are first roasted and has a delicious, earthy taste.

Argan oil is perhaps the best known of all Moroccan natural beauty products.
You can use it for your skin, hair and nails.
For each of these purposes, it does something unique: truly an all-in-one oil.
Because Argan oil is so rich, you only need very little of it.
Use it on your face after applying a serum or cream or put a few drops in cleaned, washed hair.
It is also a nice addition to all kinds of skin and hair masks.

Ghassoul clay

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: ghassoul klei

This volcanic clay from the Atlas Mountains has deep cleansing properties and removes waste from your skin. It's a mild but very effective clay with a natural peeling effect that removes dead skin cells and softens your skin.
The clay contains minerals such as magnesium, silica, potassium and iron.

Use it weekly as a face mask by mixing it with warm water to form a paste.
Do this with a wooden or plastic spoon, not metal, as this reduces the healing properties.
Give the mask time to do its work properly, it will slowly dry. Don't let it become hard though, as that can damage your skin.
Rinse well with lukewarm water.
Ghassoul can also be used on the body and hair.


Sabon Beldi

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: sabon beldi zwarte zeep

This natural sabon noir or black soap is made from olives and is very nourishing and rich. Sabon beldi is deeply cleansing and removes dead skin cells. In addition, it has a softening effect.
It is traditionally part of the Hammam ritual and a true Moroccan natural beauty classic.

Wash your body with the soap, then leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can use an exfoliating glove for extra soft, clean skin.

Rose water

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: rozenwater

Rose water has a hydrating, nourishing and calming effect on the skin.
This beautifully fragrant water refreshes your skin and keeps the PH value neutral.
Rose water is made by distilling the rose petals and contains vitamins A, C, D and E and the mineral zinc.

You can use pure rose water for your face as a moisturizer, as a facial cleanser, natural tonic, but also as a base for facial masks and other treatments.
It is also very good for your hair and is widely used to prevent hair loss.

Prickly pear oil

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: cactusvijgolie

Prickly pear oil is a deeply nourishing, anti-aging oil made from the seeds of the cactus fruit.
It is extremely rich in vitamin E and valuable nutrients such as amino acids, polyphenols, omega 6 and 9 and antioxidants.
Prickly pear oil contains the highest content of vitamin E of all oils: 150% more than Argan oil.

The oil works strongly on the regeneration of skin cells, protects the skin, improves skin texture and helps to refine wrinkles.
It is also very nourishing for the hair.

The production of prickly pear oil is a lengthy process that requires a lot of seeds.
A seed generally contains only 5% oil and extracting it takes a lot of time.
This makes prickly pear oil one of the most precious types of oil in the world and the most exclusive of all Moroccan natural beauty products.

Apply a few drops to your face and around your eyes in gentle massaging motions.


Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: henna

The Henna plant is traditionally used in countries such as Morocco and India for both skin and hair. Henna is best known for its natural deep orange brown color which is used to paint the hands and feet in beautiful patterns for festive occasions such as weddings.

In addition, Henna is also used for the hair, both for color and for nourishment and restoration.
You can make a hair mask by mixing it with hot water, optionally with the addition of oils of your choice.
Use a wooden, plastic or ceramic spoon and bowl and avoid metal.

If you use Henna to dye your hair it will give it a red glow.
If you want a brown color, use a mixture of Henna and Indigo.

Aker Fassi

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: aker fassi

Aker Fassi is a traditional beauty product that has been used for centuries by the Moroccan Amazigh (Berber) women as blush and lip color.
It is made from 100% natural ingredients and derives its deep red color from poppy flower and pomegranate extract.

Aker Fassi, or Gazelle blood, is available in powder form that you mix with water or as a small Terracotta dish that resembles a minitajine.
The bowl is infused with Aker Fassi, so you only have to rub it with a wet finger or wet cotton ball and apply the red dye to your cheeks or lips.

This special product is not only beautifying, it is also very good for your skin. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and vitamins B, C and E.
Poppy flower also contains antioxidants, has a soothing effect and is anti-inflammatory.
Aker Fassi is therefore often added to face masks combined with Ghassoul clay and is also used as an addition to hair dye.

Rose buds

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: rozenknoppen

Roses are common in Moroccan culture, both in beauty and in all kinds of culinary applications as well as in decoration and design.
The M'Goun valley at the foot of the High Atlas is the rose center of the country and you can find the best rose products here such as rose water, essential oil, culinary rose water, lotions, shampoo, soap, etc.

The rose is a heart opener and a beautiful addition to self-love rituals as well as to emotional / healing work.

Rose buds have a wonderful, soft aroma and a calming effect.
I love making rose tea and add them to my bath water.

You can also use them to make adaptogenic rose vanilla moon milk.


Pumice stone from red clay

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: puimsteen van rode klei

This pumice stone helps you to have silky smooth feet.
It is used to remove calluses and dead skin cells.
The pumice stone is made of red clay which contains all kinds of minerals that are good for your skin.

Start by soaking your feet in a foot bath with warm water and optionally a bit of coconut oil. Wet the pumice stone and rub your feet with it for a smooth, soft result. This also promotes blood circulation and has a relaxing effect.

Potassium alum deodorant

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: aluinsteen deodorant

This 100% natural deodorant made from mineral potassium comes from volcanic parts of the Moroccan desert.
It is antibacterial, regulates perspiration and avoids unwanted odors.
The alum stone is not absorbed by the skin and does not clog the pores.

I have been using natural deodorant since 2013 because most regular deodorants contain harmful chemicals. Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives nowadays, but that was not the case back then so I started making my own deodorant based on coconut oil, baking soda and essential oils.
This one still works great, even at an inline skating workshop in the Middle East!

You use the alum stone deodorant by moistening it with some water and then rubbing your fingers under your armpits. It dries up quickly on its own.

You can also use this mineral stone as an after-shave for both women and men.

Rose oil

Marokkaanse natural beauty: rozenolie

Rose oil has softening, calming, moisturizing and protective properties. In addition, it supports blood circulation and helps prevent inflammation.
It is a rich, beautifully scented oil that you can use on your face and body, in masks, as a massage oil, in your bath water, etc.

Kohl ithmid eyeliner

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: kohl eyeliner

This natural eye make-up inpowder formis made from crushed mineral stones from the Atlas Mountains, date and olive kernels, plant extracts and olive oil.

The first recorded use of this natural beauty product dates back to 3500 BCE and nowadays it is still used in North Africa, the Middle East, the Sahara and South Asia. The ancient Egyptians and their Pharaohs are best known for this.
Traditionally, the kohl is also used for its medicinal properties.
It would help the Bedouins in the desert to protect their eyes from the bright sun and soothe irritated eyes.

You apply the powder with a wooden stick along your upper lash line and if you wish also on your lower waterline.
It accentuates your eyes and promotes the growth of your eyelashes.

Amber and musk perfume bars

Marokkaanse natural beauty parfum geurblokjes

Wonderfully smelling natural perfume bars that come in different scents such as musk, lavender and rose.

You can use them directly on your skin as a regular perfume by gently rubbing them on your skin or put them in your room or wardrobe.

Saffron lip balm

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: saffraan lippenbalsem

This natural lip balm is made from Saffron from the Atlas Mountains and helps you get soft, healthy lips.
Its nourishing, anti-viral properties are used to prevent or treat dry, cracked lips and cold sores. 

Lavender and castor oil

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: lavendel en castorolie

There are so many good quality oils available in Morocco that you just want to get them all, at least I did!

Castor oil is amazing for your hair and I also use it on my eyebrows and lashes as it nourishes them and promotes growth.
This oil is known in Ayurveda as miracle oil and is used for the treatment of the liver, eczema, menstrual pain, the joints etc.

Lavender oil is a calming oil that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It softens the skin, helps to even out skin tone and promotes the skin's healing process.

Eucalyptus menthol crystals

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: Eucalyptus menthol kristallen

These crystals are made by freezing essential menthol and eucalyptus oil and are 100% natural. They have a cooling and calming effect and open the airways.

You can use them for inhalation by dissolving them in hot water. They cleanse the lungs and draw mucus out. Very soothing for when you have a cold or flu, during a sauna visit or if you just want to clean everything up.

The crystals are also very suitable for all kinds of DIY beauty products such as ointments, foot cream and muscle balm.

They are super powerful, so a small crystal dissolved in a cup of hot water is plenty.

Herbal blend for skin and hair

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: kruiden mix voor huid en haar

This herbal blend is made of lavender, rose, Henna, cloves, salt from the Atlas Mountains, Fenegreek, Indigo and Anemone.
You can mix it with water, rose water and coconut oil as a nourishing body treatment for your skin and also as a hair mask for healthy hair growth and volume.

Moroccan natural beauty from within

You can use the best serums and anti-aging lotions, but everything starts with your health and beauty from within.

Renowned dermatologist and anti-aging specialist Dr Howard Murad says, “Skincare products only address 20% of your skin. The other 80% is influenced by what you eat and drink, including your nutritional supplements.”

This is why the I am glowing nutricosmetics blend for your skin plays such an important role in skin improvement: it contains all natural powerful components that work from within.
It is made from 7 medicinal mushrooms; powerful natural ingredients that work from within.
The I am glowing contains, among others, the beauty mushroom Tremella that has a deeply moisturizing effect, with moisture-binding properties of 500 times its own weight.

I have always been very interested in nutrition that contributes to skin health specifically which is also one of the main reasons why I quit eating refined sugar.

In the last part of this article I will introduce you to 3 glow from the inside out natural beauty products that I brought back from Morocco:

Immune system herbs

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: immuunsysteem thee

I can only describe this tea as a power bomb! I drank it a few times in the old city of Marrakech and I literally felt fire going down my throat, it was that potent.
This blend helps to strengthen your immune system. Especially during the winter when so many people around me have the flu I can definitely appreciate this powerful beverage.
You can of course make it less strong if you wish by diluting it more.

I brought two bags: one with the whole herbs and spices in it and one with the content ground into a powder. This way you can add hot water yourself and some honey if you wish.

These are the ingredients:

Black cumin

Amazigh (Berber) tea

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: berber thee

This tea is a delicious aromatic blend of dried mint, herbs and flowers. It has a calming effect and is used to balance the symptoms of the cold and indigestion.

As within, so without!

Amlou almond paste with Argan oil

Marokkaanse natural beauty producten: Amlou amandelpasta met arganolie

Amlou is a Moroccan delicacy made from lightly toasted almonds, Argan oil and honey. It is a delicious subtly sweet nut paste and a real skin food due to its wholesome pure ingredients.
Amlou is rich in vitamin E, amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants.

These are my favorite Moroccan natural beauty products.
I hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspired you to enrich your natural beauty and well-being!