Lion's Gate Leeuwenpoort op 8 augustus

Lion's Gate portal of 8.8 and its meaning

This Tuesday the powerful Lion's Gate portal opened. 
It is an annual cosmic period that represents the beginning of a new cycle.

The energy released during the Lion's Gate amplifies the intensity of manifesting, releasing the old and supporting you to the next level.

Today is also New Moon in Leo, can you feel the fiery energy? 
I sure do, with lots of fire signs in my astrological chart and the planets Mars and Jupiter in Leo, I am totally in my element.

What is the Lion's Gate portal?

The peak of the Lion's Gate is on 8.8 or August 8.
The portal opened on July 26 and will reach its full potential on August 8.
The impact and energy will then last for another 4 days, until August 12.

This time is also known as the planetary new year, which is why it is such a significant period.
It represents a major shift in which we enter a new cycle as co-creators of our reality.
The high frequency energy that flows between the spiritual and the physical is extra strong during this time.On August 8, the star Sirius will be closest to Earth.
The energy of Sirius connects us to our higher consciousness, accelerates ascension and represents creation, manifestation and abundance.
Sirius is connected to the lion consciousness and the Lion's Gate also takes place during the astrological season of Leo. 

If you consciously tune in to this energy and its DNA activations, you can make a beautiful integration by entering the next phase from within your highest potential.

Lion's Gate portal of 8.8

During this period, a cosmic vortex opens, bringing in waves of powerful energy hitting the Earth from the galactic center.
This energy is amplified by both the sun and Sirius.

At the peak of the Lion's Gate on 8.8, Earth aligns with the galactic center, the planet Sirius, and Orion's belt.

On Earth, this alignment takes place exactly at the site of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Lion's Gate Leeuwenpoort


Sirius is known as the brightest star, bigger and brighter than the sun and is also known as our 'spiritual sun'.
She has a powerful energy that spreads high frequencies.
It is a planet that has been strongly connected to the Earth since ancient times.

Sirius creates a cosmic connection that helps activate our consciousness with high frequency energy. This allows it to expand more easily and help us in our individual and collective evolution.

During the Lion's Gate the connection between the physical and the energetic is strongest and powerful light codes and DNA activities become available.

Sirius, Giza pyramids in Egypte & the Maya

The Pyramids of Giza are a powerful anchor point that makes it possible to transfer the high energies to the grid of the Earth.
They are built according to the principles of Sacred Geometry.

You can also find Sacred Geometry on the labels of all High Vibeology products: the Metatron's Cube with inside of it the platonic solid of each element of the relevant blend highlighted, such as:

I am calm
element: water
attribute: emotion
platonic solid: Icosahedron

Both the ancient Egyptians and the Maya regarded the period of the Lion's Gate as a planetary New Year in which they were supplied with a large influx of energy.
Both civilizations were very aware of the ancient star wisdom and knowledge about Atlantis and the history of creation.

Lion's Gate Leeuwenpoort 8 augustus

Lion energy and archetype

The lion is known as a powerful and important animal.
He has many qualities that can inspire and empower us.

Lions are strong, brave, protective, proud, playful, loyal and have a natural presence that commands respect in an authentic way.
They are fierce creatures associated with courage and heart: true leaders.

Both the Lion energy and the Leo zodiac sign are about becoming aware of who you are, self-expression, taking your place and developing your strength.

The lion invites you to rise above limiting perceptions of yourself, to be your authentic self, be brave and live your life majestically from your heart. 

The wisdom of the lion lies in listening to your heart and taking action from a place of calmness. Trust your intuition, this will always help you make decisions. 

Do you also love lions? Check out the special connection that Dean Schneider has with these impressive animals and the beautiful videos he makes with them.

Sun and fire energy

The opening of this portal creates a huge wave of energy.
The sun is extra powerful and together with the energy of Sirius provides a large influx of light and energy.
Leo is also a fire sign, so everything amplifies.
Fire is essentially a wild force that should be handled with caution as it can be destructive. However it also represents regeneration, transformation and drive.
Fire is about passion, creation, action and awakening your inner strength, important Lion's Gate themes. 
It represents rebirth and burns away that what we have outgrown in order to create something new, pure and strong, like the Phoenix rising from her ashes. It's an upgrade.

In alchemy, fire is the sole thing that exposes that which cannot be burned and leaves only what we are in essence. 

What are your essence and passion in life?

The number 8

The number 8 stands for strength, power, balance, abundance, inner wisdom and success.

Sideways the 8 represents the infinity symbol. 
Its shape also resembles the spiral of our DNA and contains the same geometric configuration.

Because the Lion's Gate is an 8:8 portal, a double number, it enhances its properties.

If you were either born on an 8 day, 8 is your life path number in numerology, your zodiac sign is Leo, you have planets in Leo or a lot of fire elements in your astrological chart, you will feel the impact extra strongly.
It is a phase of great change, transformation and enlightenment.

Lion's Gate Leeuwenpoort

The Lion's Gate gifts

Lion's Gate is about self-awareness and transforming old fears to live a grand, authentic life from the heart.
The development of your inner strength and autonomy, full of potential and empowerment are on the main stage. 

The new light codes coming in over the next year will further help raise awareness of the planet. We will receive many downloads and activations of high frequency energy that will accelerate our spiritual awakening and raise our consciousness.

Be open to receiving and expanding this energetic transformation.
It is a powerful time to remember who we really are.

It is as if there is now a thinner veil between dimensions, frequencies and realities. Everything moves much faster now, manifesting as well.

This influence gives deeper insight into your life purpose and mission. You may also feel more inspired and creative: it is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual, creative and emotional expression.

The theme of power also reminds us that we already have everything we need inside of us and that we can take action through the power of our will, intention, love, creativity and connection with everything and everyone around us.

Part of growth is letting go of what no longer serves us, that what we have literally outgrown and with that strong emotions, fatigue, memories and pain can arise. 

Before the birth of the new can take place, death of the old is necessary. This is a natural cycle, just as we know it in nature and its seasons.
Trust that temporary intensity can be part of the process and serves to create space for something big and beautiful.
If you are open to it, you will be prepared for the next, big step.

Connect with yourself and the powerful energy by meditating, going into nature, journaling and generating within yourself the emotions of what you want to manifest.
Focus on your heart and on everything that asks for your attention.

Celebrate life, connect with others and take your place in the world as your most authentic, powerful and loving self. It's time to go ALL IN!


Mike van den Bos

Greg Rakozy

Leonardo Ramos

Ingo Stiller 

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