High Vibeology staat voor duurzaamheid

High Vibeology stands for sustainability

During the design process of the High Vibeology products, I put a lot of thought into the packaging. As a brand that stands for love for people, animals and the planet, it was natural to create a sustainable product in terms of materials and the production process as well as options for recycling and reuse.
Besides the material considerations, I thought it would be very nice to make something that would get a second life after you finish using it, purely because it is so beautiful as an object.
The idea was to make a very personal product, something that makes you happy when you hold it in your hands, something you would love to put in your house or gift to someone.

Sustainability is at the heart of High Vibeology


Glass is one of the most sustainable options because it is made entirely of natural materials and you can recycle it endlessly. It is also very safe to use, because it contains no chemicals like plastic does. Plus it protects the content well and looks beautiful.
The High Vibeology jars are made of amber glass, which is very important for the quality of the content. Herbs are sensitive to light, especially once they are ground into powder, they can quickly lose their potency. Dark glass protects the contents and ensures that the properties are preserved as long and as well as possible.


The great thing about the jars is that you can reuse them in different ways after the contents are empty. The jar is a perfect size and protective material for homemade DIY cosmetics such as creams and scrubs.
You can also use the jar as a candle holder. You do this by soaking off the label in warm water and then putting a small candle in it. Or if you make candles yourself, you can fill the whole jar with it.
With the Sacred Geometry stickers of Metatron's Cube and Flower of Life attached to the jar, you create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere at home.
The stickers are an extension of the High Vibeology labels and have a beautiful, healing energy. 
Each High Vibeology label contains Metatron's cube which originated from the Flower of Life. Metatron's cube represents the universe and connects the earth with the spiritual. Within it you can find the 5 platonic solids which hold the elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether. I am energized stands for earth and the physical, I am calm stands for water and emotion and I am focused stands for fire and the mental.

Sustainable labels

The labels also have a special origin. They are printed in one of the most sustainable printing companies in the world in Amsterdam.
This company runs almost entirely on its own generated solar energy, they use the most sustainable types of paper, use bio-ink, they recycle and avoid the use of chemicals as much as possible. 
These are just a few examples of what they do, which made them win several international awards for sustainability due to their innovative way of working.

The goal for the future is to replace the lids of the jars by aluminum lids, which is the most sustainable option.
The minimum order quantity was so big unfortunately that it was not an option for the initial phase.
Sometimes you can't do everything as you would like to right away, which is fine, because it's about the intention and doing what is within your possibilities at the time.

Packaging material

The packaging material is also carefully selected based on sustainability.
Both the filling material, which ensures that the jars remain intact during transport and the cardboard boxes in which the jars are shipped are reused.

High Vibeology uses 2 types of filling materials: green flo-pack BIO filling chips made from corn and potato starch. These are 100% biodegradable and water-soluble. There is no need to dispose of them in the residual waste.
In addition, recycled paper snippets are used. You can dispose of them in the paper recycle bin after use.

Organic agriculture

And finally the contents of the jars. Choosing organic ingredients is not only the best for your health, it also has a big impact on the environment, because no chemicals end up in the earth, water and air.
Working with organic products is also the healthiest option for the people involved in production.

High Vibeology stands for love for people, animals and the planet and places great importance on sustainability.
Each purchase that we make is a direct choice for the type of world and future we create together. Let's do that in the most beautiful and conscious way!