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Raspberries in chocolate

Fresh raspberries in a crispy layer of dark chocolate infused with adaptogens to nourish your skin and strengthen your immune system. Have you worked up an appetite yet?

In 10 days it's Christmas and if you are thinking about what you want to make, then this treat is much recommended. Totally in Christmas spirit, they will look beautifully festive on your table. In addition, they are simple and quick to make, which is great because we all have plenty to do in theses times!

Raspberries in chocolate

How to make them:

2 boxes fresh raspberries
100 grams chocolate
1/2 teaspoon I am glowing adaptogens

This recipe uses 85% dark chocolate, but you can use any type of chocolate you want.

Prior to preparing, rinse the raspberries carefully in a sieve and pat them dry with kitchen paper.
Save a portion to serve later without chocolate.

Melt the chocolate Au Bain Marie. You do this by heating a pan with a layer of water on low heat, just enough to reach half of the bowl of chocolate you put in it.
Do not let the water boil, but let it warm up with the bowl in it. Stir while the chocolate melts and if you see it going quickly, turn off the heat.

Add the adaptogens and stir until everything is dissolved.

The chocolate sauce is good when it is liquid enough to work with without dripping too quickly.

Dip the raspberries in the chocolate, making a combination of half dipped and completely covered.

Put them on a plate in the fridge with enough space between them to solidify.

Serve the chocolate raspberries together with the dark raspberries and enjoy!

Frambozen in chocolade