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Butterfly pea lavender moon milk

Relax your body and mind with this soothing drink that helps you sleep well.
Moon milk is a modern plant-based version of the Ayurvedic warm milk with herbs and spices.
It helps to balance your nerves and hormones and is great before going to bed or anytime you're in need of some relaxation and space to tune into yourself.

Lavender is traditionally used for its calming and healing properties. Butterfly pea flower is rich in antioxidants, has a stress-relieving effect and has a beautiful blue color. Both flowers are also very good for your skin.

The adaptogens in this blend are Ashwagandha, Reishi mushroom, Brahmi and Tulsi: all have a calming, balancing and soothing effect.

Butterfly pea lavender moon milk

250 ml almond milk
50 ml strongly brewed lavender tea
50 ml strongly brewed butterfly pea flower tea
1 tablespoon cacao butter
1/2 teaspoon I am calm adaptogens
maple syrup or honey to taste

Warm the almond milk and once it's warm enough, add the cacao butter for extra creaminess!
Set aside a little of the milk to pour into your glass in the end for a nice color contrast.

Add the adaptogens and stir well.
Add the lavender tea and butterfly pea tea.

Once everything is mixed well, turn off the heat and stir in the maple syrup or honey.

Use a milk frother or your blender to froth up your moon milk.
Pour it into a glass with the frothed white almond milk on top.

Here's how to make a beautiful relaxation ritual:

Play some soothing music in the background.

Put a few drops of lavender essential oil in your oil burner or diffuser.

Prepare a foot bath with mineral salt and your favorite essential oil.

Put on a moisturizing face mask.

Inhale and exhale deeply to your belly a few times with focused attention.

Feel in your heart how proud you are of yourself, for everything you are and everything you do.

Enjoy your moon milk and know that great things are coming for you!

Butterfly pea lavendel moon milk