Adaptogene kruidenpoeders voor in je eten en drinken

Adaptogenic herbal powders for your food and drinks

Adaptogens are herbs and medicinal mushrooms that help keep your body and mind in balance and increase your resilience to stress.
Their main property is to regulate stress by altering the body's responses to stressors.
Adaptogens work closely with the three primary systems involved in regulating stress.
They support your endocrine and nervous system, and can contribute to a good night's sleep, mental clarity, a healthy immune system and strong cognitive skills such as concentration and memory.

You can use adaptogens as a whole herb, but also in the form of herbal powders for your food and drinks.

Your body absorbs nutrients best in the form of food
This has always been the way to get vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. 
We are so used to it that it's wired in our system: every time we eat or drink something, information is sent from our brains, through our hormones, to our digestive system. 

The taste, smell and texture of a dish all contribute to our experience and impact our well-being. The atmosphere, the company in which we find ourselves and how often we eat also play a big role.

Compared to how we have always eaten throughout history, supplements in the form of capsules and pills are a very recent development.
Some supplements - if they are of good quality - can indeed contribute to providing extra nutrients. 
It is recommended to do some research first and get a good understanding of the 

Many supplements cannot be properly absorbed by your body.
They also often contain synthetic ingredients, fillers and other things that do not belong in your body. 

Adaptogens, on the other hand, are natural substances that interact harmoniously with our body.

Adaptogenic herbal powders for your food and drinks

Real food that is recognized by your body and that gives you the nutrients you need is always the best option. Whenever you enjoy the taste of something, your body is also much more receptive to absorb the nutrients.

For an extra wellness boost, add some adaptogenic herbal powders to your food or drinks. High Vibeology herbal blends are made from 100% natural, organic and wildcrafted  vegan ingredients, without additives, so that you get the best of nature.

Depending on the blend, they  have a naturally earthy to bitter taste. By mixing them with, for example cacao, plant-based milk or yogurt, dates or by adding them to a savory dish, you can create new flavor combinations. You can completely customize them yourself, so get creative!

Here you can find all High Vibeology blends.

High Vibeology adaptogene kruidenpoeders voor in je eten en drinken