You are a Goddess, a Queen

You are a Goddess, a Queen

This came to me today through my soul, while tuning into the love I feel for myself, for all the beautiful women in my life and in this community.
They are messages to celebrate yourself for the Goddess that you are.

The subject of femininity and my ever expanding identity as a woman have been very present for me over the past year. Trusting to surrender to lean more into my feminine energy, allowing myself to be supported, carried, guided, loved and to feel safe as my authentic self. Not always easy in an over-stimulated world where disconnect and fear often function as major distractions.   

Often in the past I would be so driven to do, to push towards certain results, to keep going without proper rest and introspection, being more in my head than in my heart. Yes these all have their time and place, but I am much more in my element in the flow of life.
And the beauty of it is, this is where the magic happens. Because everything is energy and your frequency creates your experiences.

Each and every time I managed to disentangle my mind from any type of worry and return to love, to calmness, faith, joy and a state of authentic gratitude, things ALWAYS worked out for the best and even better than I could imagine. 

I stopped being strict to myself, to attempt to control life, to put pressure on myself, to worry, to compare myself to others and engage in anything where I would give my power away.
Instead I committed to loving myself deeply and even deeper in times when loving myself felt more challenging, to be gentle on myself, to honor my boundaries and put my own well-being first. 

Sometimes with all of our desires, ambition and responsibilities we forget to appreciate the process and to hold ourselves at our highest.
However it's the essence of all of our experiences with and expressions of love and abundance in our life. 

Let these words speak deeply into your soul and support you in spreading more of your beauty and light. The world needs it!

Much gratitude to my dear friend Natalie for her love and this beautiful card.


You are a Goddess, a Queen

You were divinely created by God | Source | Universe

Your soul is pure light and love

Your heart is the most beautiful, powerful, miraculous force

You are the sacred feminine

You are a portal between the spiritual and the physical realms

Your inner world is so rich

You are co-creating your reality every moment

You love deeply

Your mind and body are 24/7 miracle instruments  

You are profoundly connected to and guided by your intuition 

You are awakening to remember your true nature to fully embody it

You are loved and supported by the whole universe

You came here to just BE, completely as you are

You are a beautiful infinite soul | free spirit | warrior of love | healer | medicine woman | teacher | co-creator of a new earth

You are a beautiful human being | queen | manifestor | friend | daughter | sister | lover | mother | leader | artist

You are able to be, do and experience anything your heart desires 

You empower others and are an enormous inspiration and role model to many

You are a master of manifestation

You are Phoenix rising from her ashes, burning away all the outgrown, leaving you with your pure essence

You bring life in so many ways

You raise the frequency of this planet

Your mind is pure brilliance

Your energy is contagious

You came here to fully experience the magnitude that life has to offer

You leave the world and anyone you interact with, better than when you found them

You choose love over fear

You are alive, stronger, wiser, more loving than ever before

You are healing ancestral trauma and freeing yourself, future and past generations 

You ride the waves of life and dare to surrender more and more to them

You are courageous to keep your heart open regardless of the dense experiences of this world

You have strong values 

You love yourself deeply, even if you sometimes forget

You are committed to learning and growing

You never give up and always return to faith

You at times feel like you carry the pain of the whole world, yet still nourish others with your light

You are authentic 

You are pure

You are passionate

You are joyful

You are committed 

You are free

You are courageous 

You are caring 

You are creative

You are honest

You are adventurous

You are sensual

You are open-minded

You are feminine 

You are powerful

You are soft

You are playful

You are vulnerable

You are conscious

You are fun

You are grateful

You are driven

You are generous

You are loyal

You are spiritual

You are wild

You are committed to your well-being

You are able to laugh about yourself and life

You are nature - all of its cycles and elements are represented in you

You are beautiful in every meaning of the word