Create a relaxed, warm atmosphere in your home and give the jar a new life after you finish the content.

High Vibeology stands for love for the planet and has consciously chosen to pack the powders in glass as a sustainable option and to encourage reuse.

The Flower of Life is a powerful symbol that represents the basis of all creation.
It is often used in meditations, to energetically charge the contents of bottles, water jugs and glasses and to minimize the effect of radiation from equipment such as your cellphone, computer, tablet or WiFi router.

Metatron's Cube originated from the shape of the Flower of Life and is seen as the blueprint of the universe and the energy flow that connects the earth with the divine.
It consists of 13 circles representing the feminine and the masculine lines connecting them. In addition, it contains the five Platonic solids which represent the elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether.

Each adaptogenic blend has the specific element highlighted on its label. I am calm: water & emotion, I am energized: earth & the physical, I am focused: fire and the mental and I am glowing air and the merging of the spiritual and physical.


The stickers have an open finish without background and are +/- 3.5 cm high.

They are available individually in 4 variants:

1. Metatron's cube
2. Flower of Life - fine
3. Flower of Life - solid
4. Flower of Life - pattern.


The stickers have a strong adhesive power and can last for a long time if you handle them with care. If you attach the sticker to your phone, it is recommended to do this under your phone case.
Always keep the sticker dry when using it on a water jug ​​or bottle.




Golden Sacred Geometry stickers in the shape of Metatron's cube and Flower of Life.

The stickers have an open finish without background.

You can use them to transform your High Vibeology jar into a candle holder after use.
A small candle fits into the jar, the contrast of the gold on the amber glass and its reflections generate a beautiful effect.